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At Chicago Steel Fabricators, we proudly position ourselves as the foremost artists of metal in the greater Chicago area and the surrounding regions, leveraging our extensive experience to handle projects of any size with unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship.

Chicago Steel Fabricators excels in engineering, designing, detailing, fabricating, and erecting a diverse range of custom metal structures, spanning from structural steel to exquisite finished metals like brass and nickel silver. As your comprehensive solution for Division 5 work, our extensive capabilities position us as a single-source provider for your upcoming project.

as a single-source provider for your upcoming project. Situated in the city, our expansive 6,000-square-foot fabrication facility houses a highly trained and skilled workforce, making Chicago Steel Fabricators a premier supplier and subcontractor for major contractors across the tri-state area. We handle all aspects of fabrication and assembly in-house, ensuring meticulous control over quality. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, the delivery of high-caliber value-added products, and prioritizing safety is reflected in our robust quality system.


With every job we take on, SteelFab promises to deliver


A dedicated project team, including some of our top executives, will guide you through your project. When you have questions or concerns, we're right by your side.


From initial budget estimates to the end of construction, our team is dedicated to transparency throughout the entire process, so you always know where your project stands.


We understand the level of precision required to seamlessly carry out fabrication projects, so our processes are designed to guarantee the highest level of quality on every job.



As experts in architectural and structural metal manufacturing, we craft precision-engineered solutions that blend form and function seamlessly. From awe-inspiring architectural accents to robust structural components, our dedication to quality and innovation ensures that every project is built to last. Experience the difference with our unmatched expertise in the steel fabrication industry.

Structural Steel

Our structural steel solutions are the backbone of sturdy, enduring structures. From towering skyscrapers to vital infrastructure, we provide the strength and reliability your projects demand. Trust in our expertise to deliver structural steel that stands the test of time.

Architectural Metal

Transform your architectural visions into reality with our exquisite architectural metal solutions. We bring a touch of artistry and precision to every project, creating stunning facades, intricate details, and functional masterpieces that leave a lasting impression. Explore endless possibilities with our craftsmanship and expertise in architectural metalwork.

Miscellaneous Metal

From custom fixtures to specialized components, our mastery of miscellaneous metalwork knows no bounds. We excel in crafting unique and precise metal solutions for diverse needs. Experience the versatility and quality that set us apart in the world of miscellaneous metal fabrication.

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Bringing together ancient craftsmanship and contemporay construction techniques, our mission is to build a better way to live and inspire positive change along the way.

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